New Product Release: Econoliser Knife Steriliser - reduce your water usage by up to 96%

Date Posted:12 December 2018 

The meat processing industry is under ever-increasing pressures to reduce water and energy costs whilst maintaining high standards of hygiene throughout their plants. The Econoliser Twin Knife Steriliser has been developed to meet these challenges.
The Econoliser Twin Knife Steriliser was designed specifically for the meat processing industry:
          Reduces water usage by up to 96%
          Huge reductions in energy costs
          Exceeds hygiene regulation standards
Econoliser - Twin Knife Sterilising Unit  |  Highgate Group Australia New Zealand Econoliser Knife Sterilising Unit  |  Highgate Group Australia New Zealand
Sterilising knives in an abattoir can use a lot of hot water – up to millions of litres each year in a boning room alone. The Econoliser Knife Steriliser is the world’s first twin knife steriliser which has been designed to efficiently sterilise abattoir knives and reduce water consumption. Each sterilising cycle takes approximately three seconds and cleans to a higher level than traditional methods of sterilisers, using just 120ml of hot water on each cycle. Less water consumption results in significantly lower water and energy costs and reduced treatment of waste water.












        Electric Model                                            Basic Model

Available in two models, the electric version has an inbuilt water heater which ensures that the required amount of water is ready for the next sterilisation cycle; the second is the basic model more suited to larger processing plants who have an 82ºC water ring main in the plant. Providing hot water on demand reduces the amount of water needed when the line is not running, which in turn reduces energy costs. For refrigerated areas, the lower ambient heat produced reduces overall running costs. In addition these machines give off virtually no steam, eliminating condensation on your product.

Many abattoirs in Europe have already experienced the benefits of the Econoliser with reduced energy costs, lower water consumption and less waste water, while achieving knife sterilisation levels that meet the regulation standards for the meat processing industry. The Econoliser Knife Sterilising machines are available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand at Highgate Group.

  • Approximately 120ml of 82⁰C water used per sterilisation cycle, representing a massive reduction in water and energy compared to constant flow or water bath sterilisers.
  • Knives are left cleaner compared to using traditional sterilisation methods.
  • Virtually no steam is created, eliminating condensation on equipment that can drip onto meat.
  • Uses absolutely no water when production line is not running.
  • Virtually no ambient heat is produced, reducing running cost in refrigerated areas.
  • Activated by insertion of a knife, easy and safe for operators to use.
  • Fully automatic operation, produces consistent test results with all operators.
  • Knives left in the steriliser do not lose their sharpness due to constant heat.
  • Temperature and cycle time adjustable for optimum efficiency.
  • Designed with ease of servicing in mind to minimise down-time.
  • 304 grade stainless steel construction - robustly built for abattoirs.
  • Designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland, available in Australia and NZ exclusively at Highgate Group.

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