Thermoshield Reusable Ice Packs

Australia’s reliable ice replacement system.

Thermoshield reusable gel ice packs are manufactured in Australia, stocking a range of standard sizes to suit every requirement. Thermoshield also has the flexibility to manufacture a custom size pack to suit your specific application. We deliver Australia wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Tasmania.

Maintain freshness at the highest level using the Thermoshield Products - gel ice packs!

  • Reliable and effective
  • Cost efficient and fast
  • Hygienic and flexible
  • Durable and reusable
  • Food safe and innovative
  • Made in Australia

Thermoshield Products - ice gel packs are an effective and reliable ice replacement developed through extensive research and testing to improve transit chill systems. Increasingly stringent hygiene and quality standards have made it even more essential that high-value products, such as seafood and produce are maintained at a consistent chill temperature during and after transit.

Thermoshield reusable ice Packs are filled with a specially formulated gel that lasts longer than conventional ice packs. This provides an assurance that your products are protected during transit, especially during unexpected delays in transit times. Thermoshield cold gel ice packs are segmented and flexible and packed into ventilated cartons for faster freezing. The Thermoshield transit chill system will keep your costs and temperatures down.

At Thermoshield Products our experienced and dedicated team are dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations. We believe in continuous improvement which enables us to provide increased performance outcomes and profitability for our clients.

Our team are ready to assist with your specific requirements – we’re just one call away at 1800 089 456. Further information regarding the Thermoshield gel ice packs is available on the products page of website

Thermoshield gel ice packs are efficient & convenient

Thermoshield Ice Packs couldn't be easier to use! 

Thermoshield reusable ice packs are supplied in specially designed cartons with vents in all 4 sides and are packed specifically on the pallet to allow air flow through each carton, this enables the whole pallet to be placed into the freezer.

Thermoshield cool ice packs are extreemly efficient, no soaking needed, no laying on racks to freeze, no seperating  or any further handling, elimiating the risk of contamination and is a huge cost and time saver!

Thermoshield Ice Pack's unique segmented cell design

Thermoshield's unique segmented cell was designed to give an even distribution of chill through your product ensuring a consistent temperature inside your carton / poly box. This eliminates warm areas in your carton/poly box which can destroy your product.

Thermoshield flexible ice packs are filled with a special formulated gel that is FDA approved and last longer than standard flake ice and ice packs.

Thermoshield Ice Packs vs Flake Ice

There are 5 main reasons Thermoshield ice packs are superior to Flake Ice: 

  • Thermoshield ice packs hold a consitent temperature for longer
  • Thermoshield reusable ice packs Lower the temperature faster
  • Thermoshield cool ice packs weigh less than Flake Ice
  • Thermoshield gel ice packs leave no watery blood stained mess (providing exeptional presentation to your customer)
  • Thermoshield flexible ice packs are sealed which eliminates water contamination

Want your product to stay chilled for longer? Demand Thermoshield ice packs.