Ice Packs

Why Choose Thermoshield Cold Delivery Solutions? 

Thermoshield packaging ice packs offer a wide range of benefits, including: 

Convenience & Time Savings: Thermoshield gel packs for food are packaged ready for freezing. Offering convenience and time savings, Thermoshield ice packs can also be delivered frozen, to your door, ready to use! 

Food Quality & Food Safety: Thermoshield's unique cell design ensures an even and consistent temperature, eliminating warm areas in the delivery box that can spoil your products and increase the risk of food-borne illnesses, costing you time, money and customers! 

Chill for Longer: Thermoshield flexible ice packs are filled with a specially formulated Non-Toxic, Food Safe gel that is FDA approved and lasts longer than standard flake ice and ice packs. Experience peace of mind with ice packs that last longer and will protect your products during unexpected delays in transit times. 

Boost productivity: Featuring a flexible cell design, Thermoshield gel ice packs for food are delivered to your door in ventilated cartons for faster freezing. These ice packs are extremely efficient with no soaking needed, no laying on racks to freeze, no separating or any further handling required - saving you time and eliminating the risk of contamination. 

Ease of Use: Thermoshield reusable ice packs are supplied in specially designed cartons with vents in all 4 sides and are packed specifically on the pallet to allow air flow through each carton. This enables the whole pallet to be placed into the freezer.

Boost the effectiveness and profitability of your business. Purchase Thermoshield packaging ice packs online with Highgate Group — we offer same day dispatch for businesses throughout Australia.

Thermoshield Ice Packs FAQ's 

What food transport solutions does Thermoshield offer? 

At Highgate Group, we offer four Thermoshield product ranges: ice packs, ice blankets, pallet ice blankets and desiccant bags and strips. All Thermoshield ice packs and ice blankets are made with the same specially formulated cooling gel and feature a unique cell design that is flexible when frozen. 

The main difference is the number of cells e.g. ice packs have three to six cells while blankets have nine to 15 cells. For pallets, we recommend opting for a pallet blanket for more coverage. 

What can Thermoshield ice packs and blankets be used for? 

Thermoshield ice packs can be used for transporting products using air, sea or road freight and are suitable for fresh produce, perishables, food products, dairy products, seafood, fish and meat products, and any other goods that need to be kept at a cool temperature during transit. 

Can I order custom sized Thermoshield ice packs? 

Yes! as manufacturers of Thermoshield, we can custom design an ice pack to suit any sized carton. For all custom product enquiries, please contact the Highgate Group team on 1800 089 456.  

Are Thermoshield gel ice packs hard to use? 

Thermoshield ice packs take the hassle out of shipping food. Thermoshield ice packs and ice blankets are delivered in ventilated cartons that can be placed directly into your freezer. No need for time consuming soaking or seperating. Thermoshield ice packs and blankets are flexible when frozen so you can easily mold them around the products. This makes the ice pack easier to use and also ensures no pockets of warm air get trapped inside the carton, which can lead to product spoilage. Alternatively, Thermoshield ice packs and blankets can be delivered frozen, straight to your door. Please contact the Highgate Group team on 1800 089 456 for more information. 

Can Thermoshield ice packs pop or be damaged? 

It is exceptionally difficult to damage Thermoshield ice packs — after all, they’re designed to be reused over and over again. The multi-layer outer film provides high puncture resistance and the packs have high-quality seals so there’s no risk of spillage or spoilage. 

Can I use Thermoshield gel packs for overseas shipping? 

Absolutely. Thermoshield gel packs are designed for both national and international shipping, so you can be rest assured knowing your products will not spoil in transit. 

How do I dispose of Thermoshield ice packs? 

Thermoshield reusable gel packs contain a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly biodegradable gel. We recommend reusing them for as long as possible to make them even more economical and reduce your business's environmental impact. 

If you do need to dispose of gel ice packs for food, follow these steps: 

1. Thaw — Ensure the ice pack is completely thawed. 

2. Snip — Snip each cell of the ice pack. 

3. Add — Pour gel into a sink or bucket (you can also throw it into your garden). 

4. Mix — Add a teaspoon of salt (or more if required) and mix until the gel turns to water. 

5. Pour — Add water and flush it down the sink or pour the liquid over your garden. The sodium polyacrylate in the liquid is great for increasing water retention in the soil. 

6. Bin — Discard the outer packaging onto your kerbside waste bin. Alternatively, the entire pack (including the gel) can be safely thrown in the bin. 

How long will it take for my items to arrive? 

Orders placed before 3 pm (AEST) qualify for same day dispatch — however, delivery times vary based on your location e.g. VIC metropolitan customers can expect their order within one business day, whereas regional customers can expect their order in two to three business days. 

Please refer to our delivery information for an estimated arrival for your items based on your location. 

How do I get in touch? 

If you have any questions about our range of Thermoshield products or have questions about your order, feel free to contact our team on 1800 089 456, complete our online contact form, message us on live chat or contact us on LinkedIn. Our passionate team of experts is always happy to share recommendations and advice on how you can save time and increase profitability with our products.

Comparing Thermoshield Packaging Ice Packs and Traditional Flake Ice

  • Thermoshield packaging ice packs hold a consistent temperature for longer.
  • Thermoshield reusable ice packs lower the temperature faster.
  • Thermoshield cool ice packs weigh less than flake ice.
  • Thermoshield gel ice packs leave no watery blood stained mess (providing exceptional presentation to your customer).
  • Thermoshield flexible ice packs are sealed which eliminates water contamination.

For safety information, view Thermoshield MSDS

Thermoshield Packaging Ice Packs

Australia’s Most Reliable Gel Ice Packs For Food Delivery and Shipping

Made in Australia, Thermoshield offers a wide range of high-quality gel ice packs for shipping food, offering reliability and peace of mind during unpredictable transit times. 

For more than a decade, Thermoshield packaging ice packs have been the ice replacement solution of choice for suppliers of ready meals, meats, aquaculture, cheese, artisan food products, fruits and vegetables, as well as restaurants, cafes and caterers. Countless Australian businesses trust Thermoshield's ice packs for food transport, to safely ship their products domestically and internationally. 



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