Bone Shield

Bone Guard

Boneshield® Bone Guard is a Food-Safe (HACCP certified) puncture resistant barrier film that protects bone-in-meat portions from puncturing the vacuum bag/shrink bag. 

Reducing bone-in-meat packaging costs by up to 45%, Boneshield® Bone Guard delivers significant labour and cost savings to abattoirs and meat processing operations, eliminating time consuming repackaging, returns and rework processes. 

The comprehensive Boneshield® Bone Guard range includes clear guard, wax guard and ham wrap and can be utilised for all types of bone-in meat products. 

Boneshield® Bone Guard can be used with a low-cost shrink bag such as a thinner Cryovac bag, eliminating the need for thick, heavy bone-in-bags and patch bags, which are expensive and don't perform as well as Boneshield® Bone Guard. 


  • Reduces bone-in meat packaging costs by up to 45%
  • Eliminates leakers to less than 1%
  • Extends shelf life of meats and locks in the freshness
  • Total coverage & protection for export of fresh/chilled product
  • Tight shrink with thinner bag boosts product presentation
  • Features CAS numbers and batch numbers for full traceablity
  • Easy to apply and clings to the meat
  • Food Safe and HACCP Certified. 

Check out how you can save more than 45% on you bone-in meat packaging!

If you would like to know more about Boneshield® Bone Guard please call the Highgate Group team today on 1800 089 456.

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