Automatic Sharpening Steels

Automatic Sharpening Steels

Automatic steels are a popular tool in the meat processing industry where knives repeatedly come into contact with bones, benches and cutting boards.

Due to continuous contact with hard surfaces, the knife edge rolls over but can quickly be restored with an automatic steel.

Similar to a sharpening steel, an automatic steel re-aligns a sharp cutting edge. When the cutting edge no longer exists, it can only be restored by sharpening using a stone or machine.

Automatic steels are also ideal for new or inexperienced workers and on high-speed production lines, such as chicken boning, where the product is continually moving and there is limited time to stop and sharpen.

3 Reasons To Use Automatic Steels 

  • SAVES TIME - Whenever a knife feels dull, one or two strokes through an automatic steel will bring the edge up. This takes much less time than using a traditional steel, particularly if it’s bench mounted and in easy reach.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - Lighter and less drag on the waist belt increases operator comfort.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - Learning to sharpen knives takes time and plenty of practice. Automatic steels increase productivity for new workers, allowing them to focus on their cutting skills while ensuring they are always working with a sharp knife.


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