Strapping Machines

Manual & Automatic Strapping Machines

Highgate Group offers 12-months warranty on all Stallion strapping machines plus preventative maintenance, genuine parts, training, servicing and ongoing support.

We can tailor a strapping solution to suit your unique operation, for both small and larger style operations. Contact us today on 1800 089 456 for more information. 

Strapping Machines

At Highgate Group we offer a complete range of Stallion strapping machines from entry-level to high speed, fully automatic strapping machines.

Stallion strapping machines feature a unique design, that houses the strapping roll inside the cabinet. This innovative design is ideal for food production environments, keeping your assembly line hygienic and dust-free. A dust-free strap also reduces the likelihood of machine jams, significantly reducing the risk of machine downtime and delays in production.

Our packaging strapping machines are complimented by our premium range of Stallion poly strapping. View here. 

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