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Highgate Group is one of the largest suppliers of Sharpening equipment including Knife Sharpening throughout Australia, we sell to Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Our range of Sharpening Products include Sharpening Steels, Automatic Sharpening Steels, Knife Sharpening Machines, Knife Sharpening Machine Parts, Knife Sharpening Kits, Knife Sharpening Oil, Hand Held Knife Sharpeners, Sharpening Stones and Sharpness Testing Equipment.


Sharpening Steels Highgate stock a huge range of sharpening steels, these steels are also known as pole steels. Highgate stocks Standard Sharpening steels in the following well known brands, FDick, Dexter and DMT and have access to many other brands including Egginton. The Standard Steels come in different grades of coarseness including regular cut, sapphire cut, multicut, dual cut, fine cut, super fine cut, polish and diamond. Sharpening Steels also come in different shapes, the shapes Highgate has available are square, round, oval and flat. Highgate stocks the Sharpening steels in 4 different lengths: they are 10 inch (25cm), 11 inch (28cm), 12 inch (30cm) and 14 inch (35cm).

Automatic Sharpening Steels Highgate stock a large range of automatic steels in three different brands, FDick, Bobet and Tempus, these steels are also known as flickers, mousetraps or clickers. These steels are designed to take the guesswork out of getting the perfect angle when using a standard steel, these steels are ideal for beginners on production lines or for all workers on high-speed production lines. The automatic steels are a lot faster to use due to the fact they have 2 rods which are effectively like 2 strokes on a normal steel, so when you do 3 strokes the automatic steel it is equivalent to 6 strokes on a standard steel. Highgate stock the replacement rods for the 3 brands of auto steels.

Knife Sharpening Machines Whether you are a large abattoir, boning room, kill floor, processing plant or even a small butcher Highgate has the sharpening machines to suit your needs. Highgate stock a large range of Knife Sharpening Machines, from Fully Automatic Sharpening Machines to Small manual machines. Highgate is proud to be the Australian agent for the Knecht sharpening machines, FDick Sharpening Machines and Cozzini Sharpening Machines. Highgate has the access to the range of Knecht sharpening machines including bowl cutter machines to fully automatic hand knife sharpening machines. Highgate stocks all the FDick Sharpening machines from the RS75 for the small butcher to the SM111 for the larger processing plants. Highgate also supplies the Cozzini Primedge knife sharpening machines from the HE2 for the smaller processing plants to the large HG6CU Cozzini Hollow Grinders and HE7 edgers.

Knife Sharpening Machine Parts Highgate stock spare parts for the FDick Sharpening Machines and the Cozzini Sharpening Machines. Speak to us today to discuss your requirements, we can help you increase your efficiencies by providing expert advice in your knife sharpening process.

Knife Sharpening Kits Highgate Group stock a range of different knife sharpening kits including the famous Lansky Sharpening Kits in stone and diamond, the well-known Butchers Buddy and the Flipover Blade Sharpening Kit. The Lansky Sharpening Kits are very mobile, they come in a small hard carry case which hold all the stones the clamp and oil. The Lansky kits are designed for individuals to ensure they have a perfectly sharp cutting edge on their knives to increase efficiency, these Lansky kits are ideal for hunters, boners, fishermen, chefs or even mums and dads in the kitchen at home. The Butchers Buddy sharpening kit is specifically designed for the larger processors or butchers who sharpen multiple knives a day, these units clamp on to the bench and have a quick easy clamp mechanism to hold your knife while sharpening. The Flipover Blade Sharpener is a unique design where the knife is clamped into position and stays in the same position till sharpening is complete, eg: when one side of the blade is sharpened the knife is still left in the same position and simply flipped over ready for the other side to be sharpened, by doing this it ensures the sharpening on each side is even which gives a perfect cutting edge.

Knife Sharpening Oil Highgate’s own Food Grade Sharpening Oil called Ultraglide is designed for sharpening all kinds of blades including mincer blades, bowl cutter blades, knives and much more!

Hand Held Knife Sharpeners Highgate stocks a couple of different hand held knife sharpeners both made by Victorinox. Have a look online to view our range.

Sharpening Stones Highgate Group stocks a large range of sharpening stones including, silicon carbide oil filled and silicon carbide non-oil and aluminium oxide bench stones, diamond stones, waterstones, whetstones and more. Highgate stocks these stones in the following brands, Bear or Norton, DMT, Eze Lap, FDick and Ice Bear or Kingstones. The Bear or Norton Stones are stocked in both silicon carbide oil filled and silicon carbide non-oil and aluminium oxide bench stones and are available in combination and single grit stones. DMT stones are well known for their quality diamond coatings, these diamond stones come in different grades, extra course, course, fine and extra fine. They are also available in combination stones or flat plates. Eze Lap stones are very similar to the DMT stones with grades available in coarse, medium, fine and super fine, and come in bench stones or flat plates.

Sharpness Testing Equipment Highgate Group is the agent throughout Australia for the Anago Sharpness Tester. The Anago Sharpness Tester has been developed to benefit the food processing industry, training institutes, knife and sharpening equipment manufacturers and knife re-sharpeners around the world, by improving the sharpness of cutting tools. The Anago Sharpness Tester is specifically designed to enable you to consistently achieve maximum productivity and performance from your existing sharpening equipment and staff, these machines measure the sharpness of knives up to 8 inch long (20cm) from heel to the tip of the knife. Studies have shown that by improving knife sharpness levels in a food processing environment if provides benefits such as, up to 80% fewer strain and overuse injuries, up to 1.5 times faster-cutting speed and yield improvements of up to 1.2%, ask Highgate today to discuss how you can improve your efficiencies at your processing plant.


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