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Highgate Group supplies a huge range of PPE Equipment also known as Personal Protection Equipment throughout Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Our range of PPE Gear includes Aprons, Arm Protection Chain Mesh Aprons, Chain Mesh Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves Disposable PPE Eye Protection, Foot Protection, Head Protection, Gloves, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Work Wear, and Belts.


Aprons our range of aprons include butcher’s aprons in denim, nylon, PVC and TPU aprons

Arm Protection range includes cut resistant sleeves, neoprene arm protectors, and plastic arm guards

Chain Mesh Aprons we stock a large range of aprons including Chain mesh bolero aprons, chain mesh plated aprons, standard chain mesh aprons, and chain mesh tunics. Highgate stocks all this chain mesh apparel in the following brands, Chainex and Manulatex.

Chain Mesh Gloves Highgate stocks a large range of chain mesh gloves, these are available in Chainex and Manulatex. In Chainex we stock the following sizes, wrist length, 10cm, 16cm and 21cm, in Manulatex we stock the following sizes, wrist length, 10cm, 15cm and 21cm.

Cut Resistant Gloves Highgate has a large range of quality cut res gloves available in blue, grey, white and fluoro yellow, they come in sizes small, medium, large, extra large (XL), 2XL and 3XL. Highgate only stocks cut resistant gloves in cut level 5, cut level 5 is an industry standard. Cut resistant gloves aren’t stab proof.

Disposable PPE Highgate stocks a large range of disposable personal protection equipment including disposable beard covers, disposable hair nets, disposable lab coats, disposable shoe covers, and disposable sleeve protectors. Looking for quality disposable personal protection equipment? Look no further… buy Safex from Highgate.

Eye Protection Highgate’s range of eye protection products includes safety face shields, safety glasses or safety specs available in clear, smoke or anti-fog, and safety goggles.

Foot Protection Highgate’s range of foot protection includes PVC Gumboots, Polyurethane Gumboots also known as PU Gumboots which come in Safety toe and non-safety, also Redback Work boots in safety toe and non-safety.

Head Protection Highgate’s range of head protection products include bump caps to prevent bumps and scrapes while on the production floor, and hard hats to wear while on site.

Gloves Highgate stocks a huge range of gloves which includes cotton gloves, derinder or skinner gloves, flock lined gloves, freezer gloves, latex disposable gloves, nitrile disposable gloves, silver lined gloves and vinyl disposable gloves, cut resistant gloves and chain mesh gloves.

Hearing Protection Highgate stocks quality ear muffs and ear plugs to protect your ears from damage.

Respiratory Protection Highgate stocks disposable dust respirators and reusable respirators.

Work Wear Highgate’s work wear consists of freezer jackets, freezer pants, beanies, and safety vests.

Belts Highgate stocks butcher belts, stainless steel chain belts and plastic chain belts.


Fast Delivery on all PPE Gear Australia Wide

Highgate’s offices in strategically positioned in Tasmania & Victoria where we service all businesses, throughout New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and of course Victoria and Tasmania. We also offer fast delivery on all our products to anywhere in Australia.


Buy your Personal Protection Equipment Online

Check out Highgate’s new online store where you can buy our full range of personal protection equipment, simply visit www.highgategroup.net.au register for an account and view our wholesale prices! Spend over $300 plus GST and receive free delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Call us today on 1800 089 456, email sales@highgategroup.net.au, or simply click here to enquire online.

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