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Highgate Group supplies a large range of different temperature measuring devices throughout Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Highgate stocks a range of Thermometers including Probe Thermometers and Infrared Thermometers, we also stock Data Loggers, PH Meters, Batteries and Thermometer Calibration Units.


Probe Thermometers our range of probe thermometers include folding probe thermometers, pocket probe thermometers and standard probe thermometers, these Thermometers are made by Testo in Germany. We also stock a range of different replacement probes including the penetration probes, frozen food probes, extra-long probes and heat-resistant probes.

Infrared Thermometers our range of infrared thermometers are also made in Germany by Testo, they come in a couple of different styles, we have the gun style infrared thermometer and pocket sized infrared thermometer. 

Data Loggers we stock a few different styles of data loggers, mini data loggers, and probed data loggers, these data loggers are made in Germany by Testo.

PH Meters Highgate has a range of different PH Meters including ph1 and ph2, we also stock the buffer solution in the ph 4.01 and ph 7.00, this buffer solution comes in 250ml bottles. Highgate also stocks the gel storage caps for each ph meter to prevent the tip from drying out. We also stock replacement probes for both the ph1 and ph2 units.

Batteries Highgate stocks a range of different batteries to suit all types of instruments and equipment, we stock the following sizes, AAA, AA, C, D, 9Volt, LR44 (1.5V) and CR2032 (3V). Speak to us today for wholesale pricing of batteries.

Thermometer Calibration Units ever wanted to calibrate your own thermometers in house? Now you can! The Thermoshield Calibrator can calibrate up to 16 thermometers at a time, it can also calibrate infrared thermometers by simply removing the insulation head and pointing the infrared thermometer at the elements. Highgate also offer a Calibration service, we calibrate any type of thermometer you need, contact us today on 1800 089 456 or email


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Highgate’s offices in strategically positioned in Tasmania & Victoria where we service all businesses, throughout New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and of course Victoria and Tasmania. We also offer fast delivery on all our products to anywhere in Australia.


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