Poly Bags, 305 x 405 x 150um (500/ctn)
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Produce Roll, 460mm x 250mm+100mm

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Produce Roll, 460mm x 250mm+100mm

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Highgate Group stock an extensive range of Food-Grade carton liners, mega bin liners, bulk bin liners, carcass bags, drum liners, rippa sheets and other plastic bags for food production and food manufacturing. 

Designed specifically for Abattoirs/meat processing, poultry, seafood, smallgoods, fresh produce and dry foods including wheat, grains, seeds, beans and legumes, sugar, flours, powders and granules. 

Our Food-Grade plastic bags and liners offer the advantage of being leak-resistant. Manufactured from high-quality polyethylene plastics (HDPE & LDPE) and strong, durable seals, our range of plastic bags and liners significantly reduce re-packaging costs, saving food manufacturers time and money. 

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