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Highgate Group supplies a huge range of Packaging Products throughout Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Our range of Packaging Products include bone protection products, ice packs, packaging tapes, pallet sheets & spacers, pallet wrap & plastic films, plastic liners & sheetsstrapping and moisture protection products.


Bone Protection Products include boneshield wax cloth also known as boneguard, this comes in both roll and flat packed form, clearshield puncture resistant film also known as clearguard which comes in rolls only.

Ice Packs include Thermoshield flexible ice packs, Thermoshield flexible ice pack blankets, Thermoshield flexible ice pack pallet blankets.

Packaging Tapes include premium Finetti hand packaging tape, premium Finetti machine packaging tape which is a rubber solvent based tape ideal for use in cool rooms, standard finetti hand packaging tape, standard machine packaging tape which is an acrylic based tape, tape dispensers both in fixed blade and safety blade.

Pallet Sheets & Spaces include cardboard pallet pads, cardboard pallet sheets, non-slip grip sheets, plastic slip sheets and freezer pallet spacers.

Pallet Wrap & Plastic Films include Wrapex hand pallet wraps, Wrapex machine pallet wraps also known as stretch film, Wrapex bundling film.

Plastic Liners & Sheets include bulk bin liners, carcass bags, carton liners, freezer bags, layer sheets also known as slap sheets or rippa sheets and produce rolls.

Strapping & Accessories include Stallion hand poly strapping, Stallion machine poly strapping, poly strapping buckles, poly strapping seals, poly strapping tools including tensioners, poly strapping sealers, Stallion PET strapping, PET strapping seals, PET strapping tools including tensioners and sealers, cardboard corner boards also known as cardboard angles.

Moisture Protection Products include container desiccant bags in 500g, 1kg and 2kg.


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Highgate’s offices in strategically positioned in Tasmania & Victoria where we service all businesses, throughout New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and of course Victoria and Tasmania. We also offer fast delivery on all our products to anywhere in Australia.


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