How to Save During Times of Uncertainty with Thermoshield

Date Posted:25 August 2020 


With Covid-19 continuing to cause challenges for the foodservice industry, it’s important to take hold of the things you can control. Now is the perfect time to trial new products, particularly those that will keep your costs low and product quality high. Managing your costs and processes efficiently throughout the pandemic will set your operation up for maximum success in the future.

5 Ways Thermoshield Will Help You Save!

1. Thermoshield reusable gel ice packs are delivered to your door in ventilated cartons for faster freezing. Thermoshield ice packs are extremely efficient with no soaking needed, no laying on racks to freeze, no separating or any further handling required: saving you time and eliminating the risk of contamination. 

2. Thermoshield’s unique cell design provides an even and consistent temperature, eliminating warm areas in the delivery box that can destroy your products. This is critical in reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses and maintaining product quality during transit.  Thermoshield will help you protect your brand reputation and keep your customers coming back for more.

3. Experience peace of mind with ice packs that will last longer and will protect your products from those unexpected delays in transit times​

4. Conventional ice packs are 30-40mm thick whereas Thermoshield ice packs are 15-25mm. Designed thinner, business operators experience big savings in packaging and freight costs!

5. Due to the high-quality food safe gel, less gel is required to chill the product. As a result, Thermoshield ice packs are lighter with many of our customers experiencing airfreight savings of 50kg-100kg per delivery.

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